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A Journey in Color

My life in quilting has been a 20 year odyssey which has taken me from very cautiously dipping my toe into the colorful world of fabric with carefully constructed and hand quilted blue and white traditional quilts to the colorful combinations of my award winning quilts and now to the rich, vivid palettes of the freely designed art quilts that are now my true passion. I have been blessed with the advice and kindness from many wonderful artists along the way, and I am happy to share the lessons I have learned, many of the actual quilts I have made and how my work has grown because of the sharing nature of the quilting community.

At every trunk show I have been asked how I originally started sending my quilts to major quilt shows and the nuts and bolts details of entering these exhibitions and this information has been incorporated into my talk. From the questions I am asked, I believe that many talented quilters are inhibited from entering major shows from a lack of knowledge of the process, which is much easier than most people assume. There is usually a very lively question and answer period where ideas flow back and forth with energy.

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