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Follow Your Dreams

Saturday, November 24th, 2007

Recently my nephew’s girlfriend, Kat, graduated from massage therapy school. She did this while holding a full time job and caring for her two young daughters, an amazing achievement in my book.  I  made this  quilt, Follow Your Dreams,  as a present for her graduation, the amazing things is that she managed to have a hobby as well, the other day she was giving me the tips for free ingame skins at, she loves to play her games and there is no doubt she is goof at it.


Hawaiian Applique Sampler

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007


Hawaiian Sparkle

This is a Hawaiian Appliqué square that I made for a class I am teaching at the Fort Collins, CO Presser Foot on September 20. This is a contemporary approach to design and needle-turn appliqué a Hawaiian quilt, and doesn’t involve the traditional folded cutwork that can be so difficult to perfect. In fact, this method if pretty foolproof, and very easy to learn. I can prove it – as a complete novice appliqué quilter I designed and made a quilt using this method and it won several national awards. (See Endless Hawaiian on my Contemporary Traditional gallery page.)


The appliqué top is made from a Lunn hand dye and the background is one of my own hand paints.


Its been a lot of fun to get back to Hawaiian quilting for a bit, its such a chance to work with beautiful fabrics without cutting them up into small pieces.



Hawaiian Sparkle Close Up

Transforming the stash

Sunday, July 29th, 2007

Rather than tossing some of the fabrics in my stash that are no longer the kind of fabric I use in my quilts, I’ve been painting them. Not only is it a lot of fun, but I now have about 30 transformed fat quarters in luscious colors and various techniques using mostly Setacolor paints. On a few I have added some Jacguard paint. Here are three of the pieces that I’ve painted recently.


This piece was painted on quality muslin yardage which I had kept for years, for some unknown reason.

Now I wish I had a lot more of this fabric, a white on white Christmas fabric that I picked up on sale after the holidays a few years ago. It painted up beautifully.

I had almost 8 yards of a boring solid pink good quality cotton. I think that I had planned to use it for a back for a quilt for my little girl when she graduated to a big girl bed. She is now 27, and I never use solids anymore, so I decided it was safe to transform it. The pink added such a wonderful undertone to every piece I painted on it.

So my suggestion is – go for it! See what you can do with those out of date fabrics before you toss them.

Alpine Meadow

Sunday, July 15th, 2007


My guild has asked me to do a landscape design workshop, and I made this small quilt as a sample, using the relatively simple technique which I intend to teach. The inspiration was a picture that my son had taken in Switzerland, while he was doing an internship there. Here is the original photo (by my son, Alex Robinson):

  Alex's Switzerland Picture

Close-up of Reina’s quilt

Friday, July 13th, 2007

Reina’s quilt - detail