Painting fabric in the sun

Here in Northern Colorado we’ve been having some hot sunny weather, great for painting fabric.  Here are some of the results from my endeavors:

Sponge painting:

Someone told me this is called ‘hillbilly shibori’:

Scrunching plus salt:

As always, its a blast!

6 Responses to “ Painting fabric in the sun ”

  1. Norma Schlager Says:

    Pretty colors and great texture!

  2. nora Says:

    I see Swiss Chard in some of those fabrics! Eating vegetables is great in the summer, too.

  3. Ann E. Ruthsdottir Says:

    Hi Kit,
    Maybe it is the heat. I’m loving the bright, bold colors too.

  4. Rhoda Forbes Says:

    The scrunching plus salt pieces are just gorgeous. Can you tell us how you did it?

  5. Roxane lessa Says:

    Love those colors too! Fun!

  6. mil@shibori textile design Says:

    I love the scrunching plus salt .

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