Bastille Day ©2010

19 x 26.5 inches

Last fall Kate Cox gave a fun lecture to my guild, Rocky Mountain Creative Quilters, and I attended her workshop on abstract landscapes as well.  Everyone’s project turned out unique and wonderful.  I chose a cityscape instead of a landscape, and I finally finished this quilt last month.

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  1. Diane D. Says:

    I love it! You’ve really captured the moment there.

  2. Eileen Keane Says:

    I really like it! It looks like a beautiful summer day in Paris.

  3. Sue Reno Says:

    Very nice! I like how you handled the colors, and the sense of movement throughout the piece.

  4. Roxane lessa Says:

    I loved this! How did you abstract it so well? I tend to get caught up in the details….

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