MIL’s Gift

Green Bamboo

Green Bamboo

Green Bamboo ©2009

My mother-in-law recently underwent surgery for colon cancer.  There seems to be an epidemic of both breast and colon cancer going on right now, or at least among the people I know.  I hope this small quilt will cheer her up as she makes her recovery.

12 Responses to “ MIL’s Gift ”

  1. Robin Koehler Says:

    I love it. Great composition. She has good taste in colors:)

  2. Sherryl Says:

    Lovely piece.. it looks very calming. You did a very nice thing.

  3. Norma Schlager Says:

    It’s beautiful and amazing to think of what you used to make it. I’m sure your Mother-in-Law will love it.

  4. Diana Says:

    Beautiful thought and beautiful piece
    She will know you love her.
    Diana, Anyone can do anything; one step at a time!

  5. Roberta Ranney Says:

    Kit – It is lovely and so serene. I am amazed at the beauty you pulled out of some unusual bits and pieces. I know she will treasure this.

  6. Maria Says:

    Absolutely beautiful and very special indeed!
    She is sure to love it and treasure it.

  7. Joan Kniffen Says:

    Kit, That is a beautiful piece, very creative. What is the size? You do great work. I miss you in our FC small group.

  8. Sue Reno Says:

    Just lovely, Kit, very serene and uplifting.

  9. Janet Says:

    It’s lovely.

  10. Lyn Wolf Jackson Says:

    Really beautiful. Looking at it just makes me feel lovely and peaceful. What a nice gift@

  11. kit Says:

    My mother in law loved her gift. Thank you all for your kind comments.

  12. A. Carole Grant Says:

    This is a stunning piece… I only am seeing it now, re: your post to the QA list and the ‘Pass it On’ challenge [which is also fun]…
    I am truly taken with this piece… BTW how is your MIL now? Good, I hope…

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