Making a Stand


Making a Stand


24″ x 40.5″

My good friend and wonderful boss, Vicki Anderson, has been going through what can only be described as complete torture.  After being diagnosed with colon cancer in October, 2008, she first went through a couple of months of chemo and radiation treatments to shrink the tumor.  Radiation burns you both inside and out, and chemotherapy poisons you, so I guess they have to almost kill you in order to cure you.  This regimen did shrink the tumor, thankfully, and Vicki underwent successful surgery to remove what was left of it last week.  Her margins and lymph nodes were clear of cancer!  We are all breathing a huge sigh of relief and happiness, although she does still have several more months of chemotherapy to go through.

When Vicki was first diagnosed, she pointed out a picture of aspen in the fall that she had taken and which she said inspired her.  I decided to make an art quilt for her which would help inspire her as well, and added mountains, rocks and a river for good measure.

I admire her very much for the grace, dignity and good humor she has shown so far as she takes her stand against this dreadful disease.

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  1. KarenF Says:

    Beautiful quilt…and I love the title too. Glad to hear of a good prognosis for your friend

  2. Cynthia Wenslow Says:

    Spectacular, Kit! I’m sure your friend will cherish this quilt.

  3. Sue Reno Says:

    Just wonderful, Kit! I really like the way you handled the aspen foliage, and the mountain peaks are very clever as well. I also like the fern that draws the eye down to the lower right.
    Very glad to hear that Vicki is coming through her ordeal with a good prognosis!

  4. Norma Schlager Says:

    What a good friend you must be. It’s a beautiful quilt and a lovely tribute to her. I hope she continues to improve.

  5. Roberta Ranney Says:

    Hi Kit – The quilt is sensational. I’m sure it has been treasured by your friend during her ordeal. How wonderful that you could find a way to ease her a bit over these difficult months.

  6. Robin Koehler Says:

    Lovely! I especially like the water’s edge and am positive your friend will find
    comfort in it’s beauty during recovery.

  7. Lora Says:

    Wonderful! I think the rocks and water in the lower part of the work give a grounding to the work which reflects back to the title and your friend’s difficulty journey. How lucky she is to have you in her life.

  8. erin Says:

    Mom, this quilt is definately up there on the list for me, and I really like the name. It looks like it could for sure chase cancer away- I think you should contact the pharm companies. 🙂
    Good news about the treatement looking like it has been effective. She deserves a break.

  9. Monica Smith Says:

    How wonderful of you to make her a quilt. It will really help her just to look and enjoy it and she sure will get warm fuzzies as you made it. it is uplifting.

  10. Clara Sue Ashley Says:

    Hello Kit. A warm hello from Great Falls, VA! This is the first time I have read your blog, so I am late in seeing these examples of our wonderful quilts. I do remember the Hawaiian and the Pot Holder ones that you so graciously exhibited in the St. Francis quilt show. Surely your friend with cancer loved the beautiful quilt you made for her and was inspired and strengthened by it and your friendship. I treasure the little quilt you gave me. You are dear.

    Clara Sue

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