The Christmas Puppy

The Christmas Puppy

My daughter Erin found this little guy shivering  under her parked car in the driveway, freezing and starving in the cold Northern Colorado wind.  He is very small and obviously just a puppy and was filthy and had been outside for at least a day.  She fed and bathed him and warmed him up, and he slept the rest of the day while receiving hundreds of sweet little kisses from my 2 1/2 yr old granddaughter Cosette.

Erin asked everyone she could find in her neighborhood, no one knew where he belonged.  Her best guess is that he has a Christmas present – but was unwanted and abandoned.  Who could leave such a tiny puppy out in the cold to freeze to death?  He is totally adorable and we are trying to find a home so he doesn’t have to suffer the trauma of going to the Humane Society.  Cosette is allergic to dogs, keeping him isn’t an option for their family, and my German shepherd and lab would have him for lunch (to say nothing of what my alpha cat would have to say about it).

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  1. terry grant Says:

    How sad. I hope you can find him a good home. He looks like such a sweetie!

  2. Andee Says:

    OMG, if there was a way to get him to Portland un-traumatized, I’d take him! I lost my Chow Shepard mix 2 years ago at age 17+, I am ready for a new baby.

  3. Sandy Jung Says:

    Oh, Kit. This is so sad, and he is so cute. I can’t imagine anyone leaving any animal abandoned. If I didn’t have four cats and two horses to take care of, I’d take him in a minute. I hope a good home can be found for him.

  4. Lois Jarvis Says:

    It looks like a Lab. You should contact Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue in Broomfield, CO.


    Phone: 303-818-8508

    If that is not close to you search on “labrador rescue colorado”.

  5. trish Says:

    What a sweetie… and how sad…
    and …. Cosette is 2 1/2??? HOW did that happen? I recall reading about when she was BORN

    I hope you find him a wonderful home (my cats would eat him)

  6. JoAnne Simonson Says:

    Kit, I have a friend in Colorado who I’ve contacted to see if she would take this adorable little guy. She’s a softie when it comes to animals so I’m hoping!

    I’m a lurker but enjoy the heck out of QA.


  7. Maggie Hunt Says:

    It is too sad when people drop babies off like that to fend for themselves…you know they have got to be lost and bewildered. He looks like a lab to me too…the lab rescuers will take him i bet…will forward your post to my son who is BIG into lab rescue. Good luck with him…you know if Andee wants him they set up a kind of chain to deliver dogs and puppies all over the place with different people driving legs of the trip. They go to great lengths to save dogs.

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