Pamela Allen’s Workshop

I’ve been taking a workshop, Think like an Artist, from the wonderful Pamela Allen online at QuiltersKeepLearning. This first effort was a study in black and white fabrics. I loved the title of this book, and thought the juxtaposition of the apocalyptic and the mundane was irresistible. It is the first time I have made a quilt to match the title:

The End of America With Shoes and Wineglass


The 2nd lesson added color, either an analogous palette or one with complementary colors. With lots of helpful suggestions from Pamela, I put together my desert scene. Nothing is actually sewn down as yet, but unlike the black and white piece, which is destined to live only in the cyberworld, I am going to start sewing on this one as soon as I get some time.

Desert Almost Still Life


5 Responses to “ Pamela Allen’s Workshop ”

  1. Betsy Says:


    How come you’re not going to quilt the black & white? It is very evocative! The color study is gorgeous. How big are these?

  2. Gisela Towner Says:

    Good stuff — love that B/W piece.
    I’m going to have to see if there’s room in Pamela’s March class.


  3. Pamela Says:

    Those are wonderful! I really think you should finish the black and white one. JMHO : )

  4. PK Says:

    I love the pieces. Contrast and colors are wonderful. I’m signed up for March and so excited. Please keep posting you projects. I’m drooling all over the keyboard

  5. Vivien Zepf Says:

    Oo la la! I really like the desert scene. To my eye, the colors pulsate; the shapes are very organic and great, too. Can’t wait to see how you finish BOTH of these.

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